Dental Fillings

Dental fillings are placed into a tooth to replace missing tooth structure. This can occur due to decay (caries), tooth fracture, chipping or tooth wear.

Today, most fillings are tooth coloured, made of composite material. Clinically they are considered safer than amalgam fillings and they reduce the need to remove extra tooth structure, which was the case with the older amalgam fillings.

Treatment is carried out under painless local anaesthetic and takes approximately 20 to 30 minutes depending on the tooth surface area and complexity of the restoration.

Teeth Whitening.

Tooth Whitening is a safe and effective way to freshen up a smile.

We provide custom made tray tooth whitening at this practice. This type of whitening treatment is regarded as the safest and longest lasting without causing any damage to the enamel, teeth or gums.

Moulds are taken of the top and bottom teeth. These are sent to a specialist laboratory, where custom made trays are made to fit the patients teeth.

The whitening process involves the patient wearing these custom made trays over their teeth for a few hours each day with whitening gel placed into the tray. The patient is in control of the degree of whiteness of their teeth and results are very impressive.

Dental Crowns

These are laboratory made cappings or coverings for very broken down teeth.

Often the tooth will previously have had root-canal treatment.

The crowns are made to resemble natural teeth by using porcelain, a very durable material in the mouth. The tooth is prepared for a crown by reducing the surface of the tooth. An impression is then taken of the prepared surfaces and sent to a specialist laboratory, where the crown is made. The natural looking crown is then cemented in place.

Root Canal Treatment

Teeth that are extensively decayed or infected may need root canal treatment. The nerve inside the tooth (the pulp) is dying or already dead.

Treatment involves removing all the decay and pulpal contents. The root canal is thoroughly cleaned and shaped and then filled and sealed with a special material.


Extraction of the tooth is usually the last resort when dealing with a tooth with chronic problems.

There are usually a number of common reasons for extracting a tooth.

  • Orthodontics; when a tooth is extracted to make room for the straightening of the remaining teeth with appliances.
  • When teeth are decayed, infected and have very little chance of survival.
  • After an accident when teeth are badly damaged.

Childrens Dentistry.

We treat children of all ages at Shankill Dental clinic. It is important that children become accustomed to visiting the dentist, at an early age. This allows the child to feel comfortable in the environment and to prevent problems as the child gets older.


This is the procedure of making and providing dentures.

When teeth are missing and gaps appear in the dentition dentures are one way to solve the problems of appearance (asthetics) and proper mastication (chewing).

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