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Shankill Dental Clinic Fees

  • If you have PRSI cover, you are entitled to one free examination and one Scale and Polish for 15 euro every 12 months
  • Medical Card holders can get a free exam and reduced prices on all treatments
  • Non routine treatment such as Crowns, Root Canal Treatment, Orthodontic and Periodontal Treatments qualifies for tax relief at 20%.
Dental Work Price
Childrens exam, scale and polish 40€
Exam (adult) 40€
Scale and polish 50€ to 60€
Exam, scale and polish (no PRSI cover) 80€
X-rays (per film) 25€
Extractions 80€ to 100€
Fillings Amalgam or Composite 80€ to 100€
Dentures Price
Partial Acrylic 400€ to 500€
Full Upper or Lower 500€
Full Upper and Lower 800€ to 1000€
Cosmetic Dentistry Price
Veneers 500€
Crowns 600€ to 700€
Bridge Work (per unit) 600€ to 700€
Tooth Whitening 220€
Miscellaneous Price
Prescription 30€
Fissure Seals per tooth 20€
Gumshield 100€
Night Guard appliance 130€

Referral to Oral Surgeons and Orthodontists and other specialists when necessary

The above prices are a guideline only and can only be confirmed upon examination of the patient. We endeavor to keep our treatment prices affordable and reasonable for our patients.

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